Saturday, March 29, 2008

Name change

I goofed up. I thought I had a cute and original name for my blog, but I should have known it was too good to be true. Turns out there is a website out there, "woolflowers" and the author has published some patterns and has an online presence that precedes mine by a number of years. So, it would be incredibly rude of me to continue under the name "woolflower", methinks. I've sent her an email on Ravelry to apologise, so I hope she realises I did not intentionally mean to snake her name. Since I mean to start offering patterns of my own I now need a new name though... I've temporarily changed the blog name, as you can see, so let me know if you like it. I'm waiting until I get the new name sorted out before I figure out how to set up a designer page on Ravelry and post the sock pattern for free download! The fabulous Ellen has knit one sock from my pattern and I can't thank her enough. She gave wonderful feedback, and I'm just messing around with a few things and getting a final proofread.

Any thoughts, suggestions or other comments on the name?
By the way, if you've done me the honour of linking to this blog on yours, I think the link will have to be updated, don't think it adjusts automatically. Sorry :(

Just a bit of spinning eye candy...

my treasure chest, a basket full of predrafted roving

a gratuitous close up of the spun singles. Can't wait try navajo plying to keep the colours intact

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Anonymous said...

oh, i thought your manboy had a great name. now what was that?

oh gee. can't remember.